"Strive, you thrive!"

- Rula Quawas

“Women’s rights are not privileges, they are RIGHTS”.

Prof. Rula Quawas – “1000 Voices”

Amman, Jordan, 2009

  “In some Arab countries, they tell you that we are going to give it to you. No! It is my right! But you have to be the one to act on it, to exercise that right…” – An Interview with Prof. Rula Quawas on Women’s Rights. Watch on Youtube
For my Lovely Graduates..

I wish each and every one of you all the best. Believe that wonderful surprises are just waiting to happen and all your hopes and dreams are within reach. Stay in touch, if you can…Love, always.. Rula B. Quawas

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“I’m a woman, phenomenally.” – Maya Angelou

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