Suzanna Goussous

Suzanna Goussous

Journalist, writer, activist.

It was a day in autumn when I first met her. Around noon. The University of Jordan. I remember that day I was not feeling very well. Every thing around me was unfamiliar. Nothing went as I expected. I entered her office, well-lighted, warm, cozy, just perfect for conversations. I went for a quick consultation and there she was: she welcomed me with a warm hug and a wide smile on her face and told me to have a seat. I remember that day vividly, everything made sense after our short chat. She talked with a huge passion about literature, writing, teaching and delivering a message to students. That was the day I had set a goal for myself, to be passionate, compassionate, and unstoppable. It was the day that turned my life around. It was the day I realized my worth. 

One day, she told us to choose a date for the presentation for our “American Literature in the 20th century” course, which was the last course she gave at the University of Jordan in the spring semester of 2017. I, as usual, took the chance of being the first one to present… that day I was not feeling very well, I remember the short story was about music, displacement, life, vibrant atmospheres, dreams, and passion. She agreed to the points I mentioned but had one comment about my performance, she said: “I feel like you lacked the passion.” I replied with a smile that I was sick that day and I was aiming at delivering a better performance. But this line got me. It changed the way I do errands and run my every day business. Passion. What an important aspect. How could I not be passionate about life? About writing? Breathing? Nature? Family? Love? With every new adventure, here I am, replaying her words in my head and heart. I will always build a bridge between my heart and my mind. I will always be passionate about the simplest details. I will keep writing, I promise.

It was because of professor Rula that I started my career in journalism and my choice to write and set high goals for myself. A ‘thank you’ will never be enough. I will always build bridges and keep writing.

Your student,

Suzanna Goussous

Saturday October 14, 2017

1:45 AM. Budapest, Hungary