Launching of “The Voice of Being Enough”

Launching of “The Voice of Being Enough”

April 27, 2016 Announcements The Voice of Being Enough 0

The launch of “The Voice of Being Enough: Young Jordanian Women Break Through Without Breaking Down” took place at the American Corner in the University of Jordan on April 26th, 2016 with more than 50 attendants including teachers and students from JU and from ASU as well as representatives from TAKAMOL USAID. The event witnessed readings from the book as well as a discussion of how the idea of the book came through where writers of the stories expressed their feelings and elaborated on their writings.

The Voice of Being Enough: Young Jordanian Women Break Through Without Breaking Down
اسم المؤلف : Rula Quawas, Editor
تاريخ النشر : 2016

About the Book: “Posing the question “Am I enough?” to themselves and other Jordanian women, student-authors have found their voice through their writing, and in the process have unfolded their independence of mind and their indomitable will.”

While asked to define themselves, more than one hundred women end up re-defining the world around them. “I am Enough” is a journal of collective-self-accepting voices in a society overshadowed by a prevailing sense of gender inequality and a consistent rejection of empowering women. In giving them a space to question the “Arab woman” marginalized image, Dr. Quawas invokes each of these author’s true long-hushed identities and introduces the reader to a long-awaited dream for Arab women: “Change is Coming.” Zaina Deeb

This book testifies to the fact that being enough nurtures the living potential within young women. Reading the testimonials of the young women is life-changing, and their voices will always and insistently encourage all readers to keep becoming and to keep upgrading to the best version of “they.” Dr. Quawas has beautifully infused passion and strength in her students’ lives. Without her truth, it would have been a dark road to find their own. Layla Bseiso

The least you can say about this book is that it is inspirational, a compelling read, and illuminating. This book is beyond a narrative of why Jordanian women are enough. It is an honest testimonial of generations. Dr. Quawas and her girls managed to freeze time and space to show each writer’s background, dreams, and self value as well. Their bravery and eloquence deserve a standing ovation. Rula, you are ENOUGH! Your girls are ENOUGH! Maya H.Abu-Ajamieh

An inimitable orchestra of various voices: the lower, the higher, the intense and the gentle all merge to perform the triumphant song of freedom, celebrating the full-fledged self-enough-ness of young Jordanian women. Dr. Quawas has grown this “azalea” in its beauty, in its color, and in its fragrance inside our Jordanian women to create a feminist post-Bildungsroman about their enough-ness and to also invite us to voice our enoughness. Alaa’ Al-Dasouqi