Zaina Deeb

Zaina Deeb – dated 2009

Hi, my name is Zaina Deeb, a 27 Jordanian female, and I am currently a co-editor of and (both created and managed by Dr. Rula B. Quawas).

I started this English-literature-web-career mixture when I was in my 3rd year at the University of Jordan. Back then, like most of my friends, I didn’t plan my journey nor ever thought of why I chose my major. However, luck took over and I found a data-entry part-time vacancy for a well known world-wide website. I applied for the position for the obvious reasons, CASH, or what I used to call (extra-cash for an extra-pack-of-cigarettes!). I never knew that my life would take a key turn and that I would end up as the computer geek I now am. I graduated back in 2005, and stayed in touch with few of my teachers (including few of those who first taught me at ASU University as well).

Almost five years later, having a normal chit-chat with my friend Dr. Rula Quawas, she and I found the idea of establishing a “journal” website pretty tempting. Being an English Literature student myself, I longed for publishing my own stories and poems (which at that time I found brilliant and worthy of sharing). Few were those who encouraged me to pursue a career in the matter, and fewer were those who were willing to read what I wrote. So, I started my own web-page back in 2004, where I found a place to express and criticize anything and everything.

And though I don’t have the time to sit and write anymore, I consider myself a bookworm who is capable of giving others what I missed during my own school years. FemTales & Unlearningtonotspeak are both an attempt to stretch the margin of SPEECH. But unlike what most people think, this website doesn’t intend to boost the creativity of students/graduates nor lift up any of the freedom-of-speech standards, because (both) exist already and are ready to be unveiled, here and now.

I hope you enjoy your stay.